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Advanced Performance for all your Muffler, Exhaust and Catalytic Convert Repairs and ReplacementsWhen it comes to increasing your Truck, SUV, Van or Motorhomes performance a new High Performance Exhaust System maybe the answer. Flowmaster as well as Magna Flow exhausts, improve fuel economy while increasing the torque and response of your vehicle. PerformanceDoctors.com and Advanced Performance Mufflers offer High Performance Exhaust products for people who love their cars. All our mufflers are built to take a beating. In fact, most of them even carry a lifetime guarantee. We have performance exhaust solutions available to fit most vehicles, imported and domestic, including sport utility trucks and RV’s.

Improved Performance
A high flowing exhaust system improves performance because it reduces the restriction of the stock exhaust and allows the spent gasses to be more easily expelled. The exhaust Advanced Performance for all your Exhaust, Muffler and Catalytic Converter Repairs and Replacements.flow of an engine has a direct effect on its performance.
No matter what vehicle you drive — Flowmaster or Magna Flow have a system specifically for it with the tone you desire. A new High Performance Exhaust Systems will improve acceleration and passing power, as well as help improve fuel mileage. Every system is individually engineered and dyno-tested for each application and includes all required mounting hardware.

Repair and Replacement
Advanced Performance started out as a small muffler shop over 30 years ago. We have grown to be the most popular muffler shop in our area. Repeat customers and new customers alike, enjoy the top workmanship as well as the great customer service that we offer. We sell and install mufflers, catalytic converters and trailer hitches as well as custom exhaust systems. We deal in hi-performance products for you trucks or diesels. Intake filters, MBRP Exhaust Systems, Superchip and Edge Products.
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