Dyno Tuning

Dyno Shop at Advanced PerformanceDyno is short for dynamometer. A dynamometer is a device that measures torque and calculates horsepower. The two main types of dynos are an engine dyno and a chassis dyno. Here at Advanced Performance we have a chassis dyno, it is two large rollers which your tires rest on, the vehicle is then strapped down, and actually driven. The rollers measure the torque and horsepower, making the chassis dyno is a great way to find out how much power your car is making. A Chassis Dynamometer differs from the common engine dyno by accommodating the entire vehicle. It allows operation of the power train while the vehicle remains stationary. The chassis dyno can measure horsepower, torque, and wheel speed. It can perform diagnostic tests and can even simulate a quarter mile race track.

The chassis dyno will also allow testing of adjustments or modifications done on a vehicle. It can identify areas of power loss, measure air/fuel ratio and allow the testing of different engine components like your carburetor or fuel injection. It is a great way to test the performance of aftermarket enhancements.

Professional dyno tuning is the only way to maximize your vehicle’s horsepower & torque And, nobody dyno tunes better than Advanced Performance Industries, Inc. We offer you a complete dyno tuning center in the Southern California High Desert area, featuring a Dynojet 1000hp Chassis Dyno, with full diagnostic capabilities including live data monitoring, wide band oxygen sensing, air/fuel ratio monitoring and much more. We can fine tune your air/fuel ratio for maximum power on pump gas or race gas.

Race teams, Car Clubs, Repair Shops, Hot Rod and Mussel Car owners and anyone else who wants to test the performance of their vehicle will benefit from a few runs on the dyno. Whether you are just wanting to check how much horsepower you vehicle is making or if you need some help with tuning. Advanced Performance and our dyno tuning specialist Michael Bridgeman can help you optimize your vehicle for the track of the street.

 After your dyno time is completed, Tests results are displayed on a computer screen and performance graphs can be printed out for the customer. We will show you your car’s peak horsepower and torque and recommend your best shift point. You will receive a dyno graph of the best dyno pull with the cars tune and specifications. 

Please call for information and prices, or to make an appointment. Please ask for Mike Bridgeman our Dyno and Hot Rod Specialist.